Presenting Synthetic Urine

To promote fair play in most sports, athletes and other sports persons have to undergo tests to determine whether they are under the influence of any drug that gives them an added advantage over the others. Samples of their blood and urine are usually collected by anti-doping officials who conduct these tests in laboratories.

Other fields like joining the military or various jobs may also require one to undergo a drug test. The urine test is usually common of them all. One is expected to present a sample of their urine for testing. There are different things you may consume accidentally that will see your tests backfire which will block you from participating in a particular sport or joining a specific job.

Maybe you partied the previous day and drank too much alcohol or coffee which can be traced in your urine. You should not worry in such situations because you can get yourself fake urine to present for the tests. It is a type of urine that is drug-free and has the natural components found in your normal urine.

Here is a full guide of the best synthetic urine you can find in the market. You should check theartificial pee quality of the artificial urine you are purchasing. Go for a trusted brand that will not backfire on you. There are several things you should do when presenting your fake urine to make sure you get the right results. They include:

Proper Mixing

Make sure you mix all the components of your fake urine correctly to get the correct results. You should read the given instructions to avoid messing things up. Failure to mix correctly will see your synthetic urine test backfire. Some of the components detected will be lower than that in your normal urine.

Right Temperatures

You should ensure the fake urine you want to present is in the right temperatures. Submitting cold urine will only set you up. Get your fake urine heated up using the proper mechanisms hours or minutes before your drug test. The normal human urine is usually warm so make sure it matches the temperatures of the original one.

Use the right strap

There are instances the drug test officials may want you to present the urine in their presence. Youartificial urine presentation do not need to worry because you can get yourself a stash strap where you will fix your fake urine and release it as they excuse you. The use of a strap provides one with a sensible and less messy option of transporting the fake urine to a small container.