Prevention of fall injuries in adults

In the United States alone, one out of three older adults fall each year, or one every 20 minutes. As a result, falling is the single biggest cause of traumatic brain injuries, fatal and non-fatal injuries in older adults. What we often don’t know is that a little bit of conscious effort goes a long way in reducing this number.

What you can do for prevention of fall injuries in adults


As we get older, our bodies get weaker and lose certain abilities and coordination. This is one of the biggest factors leading to a high number of fall injuries. Exercises that focus on lower body strength, balance, and posture help in a big way. You don’t have to invest in a gym membership or in installing exercising machines; regular walks in the park would be more than enough for an older adult to retain his or her lower body strength and ability to carry his or her body weight without problems.

Eye checks

Falling due to weak vision is surprisingly common among older people. The fact is that even though some people complain more about mundane things as they get older, they often do not share their health problems or conditions. Regular eye checks and taking corrective measures in case of problems would go a long way in prevention of fall injuries in adults. Remember that an inexpensive pair of glasses may be all that is needed to prevent fall injuries and expensive hospitalizations.

General body health

The regular check-up will help in noticing the presence of risks and preventing fall injuries. Do not depend entirely on the doctor, look for signs like difficulty getting up from a couch, holding onto furniture or the wall while walking, or reluctance to visit some parts of the house or climb the stairs. If you see any of these signs, you’d be safe to consider that your loved one is having a high risk of fall injuries.

Home safety

Consider if anything in your house poses a possibility of causing a fall, e.g, something that can be tripped over, an awkward bend in the stairs, and take necessary corrective measures. You can also have additional safety measures in place, like fixing grab rails and grab bars, or replacing the bathroom tiles with non-slip products. One thing that often shows to be the cause of fall injuries in adults is poor or inadequate lighting combined with weak vision. The bottom line here is – make your home a safe place.


3If you or anyone in your home is on medication, always take special care to understand their possible side-effects. There are many drugs that cause drowsiness or muscle weakness as side-effects. Many people, especially older adults, are not very good at remembering which medication to take when, and may need careful supervision of family members. For example, a particular drug may be prescribed
to be taken at bedtime because of the side-effects, and if taken at the wrong time, may greatly impair normal body functions.

What you must have realized after reading the ways for prevention of fall injuries in adults is that there is nothing difficult to do or no expensive devices to buy; as we have said before, a little bit of conscious effort is all that is needed to protect your loved ones
or yourself from fall injuries.

The Wonders Of Drinking Water

People who want to shed weight can now look into water therapy. Drinking water to lose weight is becoming popular because it has many additional advantages and does not pose a health risk at all. It can start replacing several medicines bought over the counter and which claim that they can reduce your body mass. Coupled with a good lifestyle and plenty of exercise, water therapy can be the answer to your weight issues.

Drinking Water

Water is essential for all body systems. The regulation of all functions in the body, especially in circulation and in the dissolution of food, rests mainly on water. Remember that more than two-thirds of your body is made up of water, making it a vital element in keeping it up and running.


Fat deposits in the body can be reduced by consuming more water

Research has shown that more fats get parked in the body in people who drink less water. Instead of them being converted into usable energy, they become agents that bring about problems. When cells get dehydrated, cholesterol starts building up in the cell walls. It is how the body naturally reacts to keep the cells from losing more water. Unfortunately, it leads to serious ailments.

Water is excellent to your muscles

Your muscles are made up of even more water. Water also facilitates in protein synthesis. Protein, as you know, is important in building muscles. Muscle growth is also attributed to the presence of enough water that stimulates the repair or regeneration of muscle cells.

What has muscle had to do with weight? Most bodybuilders know that the increase in body muscles directly means lesser deposits of fat in areas such as your abdomen and legs. So if you do gain weight because of muscle buildup, there is corresponding fat that is being thrown out.

Water reduces toxins

The best way to remove toxins in your body is by drinking an ample amount of water. Toxins are often found in junk food, processed food, and chemical additives and ingredients. Aside from the main cause of many organ failures, toxins can also be blamed for the inability of the body to lose weight.

The fact that detoxification uses the term “flush” means that it relies on the natural healing power of water. In addition to this, water can increase the metabolic rate of your body, which means that you can burn more calories than you used to.

Should I Drink Purely Tap Water?

dhd874Just as important as drinking water to lose weight is to drink filtered water for overall health. Filtering tap water rids it of dangerous contaminants that could play havoc with your health. Cancer, immune system deficiencies, and respiratory illnesses are just a few of the diseases that could occur as a result of consuming unfiltered water.

Therefore, if you plan to have a healthier life, don’t just drink tap water but purchase a quality water filter and enjoy safer, healthier drinking water throughout your home. Look at the best recommendation for water softeners. If you intend to install it yourself, check their guide here.